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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Her exquisite ears...

Wordle 53. 
The words to play with were:
aches spangling cacophony ferment dragon coda
shimmy shelved ethereal abstract origami exquisite
* * *
Her exquisite ears ached from the spangling cacophony. 
The fermenting dragon was shimmying on the shelf, 
like an ethereal vision of abstract origami, 
a coda to the dream running circles in her head.
* * *
I need to admit that I have no idea if I have used these words correctly. 
This just somehow sounded good to me :-)
Any critical comments are welcome!

Chinese dragon


Karen said...

They sound good to me too, and I love the photo!

flaubert said...

Concise piece. The photo is awesome.


daphnepurpus said...

Nice, and I love the photo!

brenda w said...

Beautiful job with the words, Inger. I love how much you pack into this short piece. Excellent!

Elizabeth said...

Love how you packed so much into this short piece. You did well with and by the words,


teri said...

Your words are magical - and describe your dragon in a most whimsical way. A spangling cacophony sounds so full of color and glitter. And you tie it all together, by letting us know it is all in a dream, with the final line, "a coda to the dream running circles in her head."

I hope look and see if you have written anything about your trip!! Sorry I have been out of contact lately. xo teri

S.E.Ingraham said...

beautifully done and so succinctly ... amazing, and I love the photo as do so many others!

mine is here at THE WAY EYE SEE IT