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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The snow storm

Icy blasts rush through the snow filled valley,
carrying in it's tail the milky visibility of an unfolding blizzard. 

The few houses listen, brace themselves
as wind gusts grab them by their corners,
by their windows and their doors,
sending shuddering chills down their spines,
scratching itchy wood till they moan and creak,
topping it off with sighs of relief.

Later, when the sky lightens and the wind dies down, 
the sun will come out and 
the feeling of impending tragedy will lessen,
but the roofs will cry slick, glassy icicles.

* * * * *
Wordle 87
The words to play with were:
top milky glassy unfolded itch blast rushes
slicks listen sigh lighten tragic visibility
* * * * *


Jazzbumpa said...

Very nice capture of a winter storm.

I love the wind gusts grabbing the houses at their sharp edges and the roofs crying icicles.

I think you want BRACE for BRAZE, though.


Mama Pajama said...

excellent! really nice write - the imagery, the feel, the rhythm...maybe my favorite one this week, thanks!

Jules said...

While we rarely get big snow storms here this piece brought back memories of our Blizzard of 1996 - The snow in the middle of our suburban street was up to our knees! The icicles seem to hang around for weeks. Nicely done.

Thanks for visiting my non-story verse. I did have fun unfolding and folding the words. :)

Robyn Greenhouse said...

Such a creative idea of the roofs crying glassy icicles. Now that I think about it, they do appear like tears hanging off the roof.

pauline said...

Inger, this is so beautiful.
i hadn't visited here in a while... i love your writing, and especially that last line: *but the roofs will cry slick, glassy icicles.* Just beautiful. i hope you never stop writing. xox

Laura said...

beautifully composed Inger....been thinking of you, just wanted to let you know.