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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Me, then and now.

Vanessa Sage from Sage Life Consulting put out a challenge. She gave us an age to go back to, and asked us to compare our lives then and now. Here's mine: 

I was: 23, in 1976
I lived in: Stavanger, Norway
I was married to: I was not married. I had just met my future husband, although that was not clear to me yet.
I drove: I did not have a driver's license yet, didn't get it until I was 33, so I used public transport, a bike and my feet. To get to classes, I would go with a friend on her tandem bike.
I feared: God. Apparently he was watching every move I made, and constantly debating whether I deserved heaven or hell.
I worked at: I was in college, studying to be a kindergarden teacher.
I wanted to be: probably a kindergarden teacher.

* * * * *

Today I am: 59
I live in: Bømlo, which is an island on the west coast of Norway, half way between Stavanger and Bergen.
I am married to: my best friend, for nearly 32 years. We have a son and a daughter. Our son died last July.
I drive: a grey Peugeot, and a big silver Hymer camper van.
I fear: less and less. I have realized that a god who needs to be feared is not my kind of god. 
I work at: at 43 I retrained to be a silversmith, and I have a home studio. I love making jewelry, but for various reasons that part of my life is on hold at the moment. These days I photograph, draw and write.
I want to be: a professional artist. I want to sell more of my jewelry, and also my photos and drawings, and I want to publish a book. 
Spiritually, I want to be more grateful, mindful and aware of life.


Marie Wreath said...

What a beautifully evolved life. I would love to read more about your journey. I remember last July clearly, and wonder how you are. Very best wishes in everything, I hope you OD get to publish a book. That's on my list too!! xo

teri said...

I thought you had been making jewelry your whole life. It is interesting the journey's we take. I think of you often.

pauline said...

Inger, i loved reading this and learning more about you (then and now). LOVE how wise you've become. Isn't it amazing when we look at our journeys, how far we've come from who we "thought" we'd become? Wishing you nothing but love and good moments.. xox