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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thirteen old women

Thirteen old women sat around the root of a gnarly old tree. Their watery blue eyes peered out in all directions, and they breathed out audible sighs as they witnessed the circle of poppies that had started growing up around them. The pretty little flowers had first appeared in the east. They knew that something of an apocalyptic nature was bound to happen if the circle closed in the west, but they had no inkling of what it could be. The circle had already passed north and south, and time seemed to be closing in. 
Once upon a time they had been frivolous young girls. Their first speedy years had been unusual, even strange, but that was so long ago, few of them had any memory of those days. They had all been literary women, and their studies of ancient texts had at one point brought them together and then led them to this time, this place. Much had been revealed to them, but these final days, their lives’ epilogue, had always been kept hidden.

* * * * *
Wordle 184 
The words to play with were:
frivolous, speedy, audible, literary, inklings, epilogue, 
apocalyptic, strange, blue, gnarled, roots, poppies, thirteen


Jae Rose said...

What a magical story...I love the idea of these thirteen women...I imagine who they are and what they are...great write!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Inger-Marie. This is a lovely story. Everything I tried writing this week took me to dark spaces. I've given up for now, but am glad to see you whirl with us.

keith hillman said...

This is a sheer delight to read. You used the words so well. Congratulations.

Cathy said...

Love it, does a whimsical feel to it. More in in of it being a Grimm fairy tale

oldegg said...

How well this reads and how much we need it to go on.