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Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have been absent from blogging for a while. My husband has been sick for 6 weeks, and in hospital for 4 of them, being treated for an infection. With his history of leukemia and stem cell transplant in Aug. 2010, these things are a bit tricky. The short version is that in the end he responded to an anti fungal medication, and is doing well now. 
The infection came on quite suddenly, and I wasn't able to concentrate on the things I usually do, like blogging, photography and writing. So I had to find another artistic outlet that I could handle, because we need that, no matter what, don't we? 
I have always been convinced that I can't draw, and equally convinced that I should be able to learn some kind of drawing. I had a look around Pinterest, and found that lots and lots of people out there are doodling and Zentangling. I had a go at it, and discovered that it was something that I could actually do. And almost equally important, I discovered that it's an excellent exercise in mindfulness and relaxation. So in between hospital visits, I spent my days doodling and Zentangling while listening to audio books. Now I enjoy it so much that I'll keep on developing my skills. My days are going to need more than just the 24 hours, though, sigh.... :-)

Here are a couple of my tangles:

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teri said...

AND look at that you are back! I just sent you an email. Oh my I am in awe of your tangles!! I am in awe. they are magnificent. Sending love and blessings for your husband, you and your family. ... I need to look up this zentangling thing.