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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The ones with flaring tempers

Wordle 61
The words to play with were:
blend latch chest current draft string
crack spare temper refrain racket trace strike
* * * * *
The ones with flaring tempers refrained from blending in when the racket increased. Instead they fled on a drafty current, stringing along all traces of who they had been. All that remained was a cracked chest with a latch that didn't work, and no spare key. Why didn't this strike anyone as odd?
* * * * *


Mary said...

Well wordled. You worked all of the words to their greatest potential in an economical way that made sense!

joanne said...

wow - you told a story and used so many wordles, and kept it so concise....nice work

brenda w said...

This is great writing, Inger. I could feel anticipation rising, and then the chest. Your final question made me laught, and then wonder what might happen next. Well done.

teri said...

You know I wound my wordle around a similar theme. A heart that hides will behind a latch will eventually be exposed. SO few words, perfectly locked up together.

Jules said...

I thought of a bunch of disagreeable pirates...their pockets secretly filled, yet they left the chest empty...perhaps each thought the other had left their treasure behind.
My story is a tad longer...: