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Monday, July 09, 2012

The spurned housewives

Wordle 64
The words to play with were:
ignorant spurn eternity drawers balls year
rind sting months housewives subtracting fall
* * * * *
Months passed before the spurned housewives finally emptied out their drawers and left. Ignorance had been their bliss for what seemed like an eternity, and only a year ago they had actually been happy. They had always considered themselves ballsy and thick-rinded, but now the feeling of having been subtracted from their men's life equations stung, like falling off a high horse. Who knew hearts could be so spiky?
* * * * *


brenda w said...

I love how you incorporated the picture into your story. Well done, Inger. I like your use of rind in "thick-rinded."

TinaW said...

I'm here from Creative Every Day. Your story is fabulous. I think I might have to join the Wordlers.

Jules said...

Delish! At least your group sounds like they are 'getting back on the horse' so to speak and taking a bit back out of life. Like Brenda - the photo is a great visual!

I'm here:

Daydreamertoo said...

Your words did that picture real justice. A heart shaped cactus has to be so unusual too :)
Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. Nice to meet you.

teri said...

Who knew hearts could be so spikey! Great write. ... thankfully I have been blessed with lots of loving hearts lately- including yours. Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comments. xo teri