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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life attacks me

attacks me roughly from behind
and in my frenzied mind
I fall wayward into a narrow channel
where I spin like a floating ball
fighting desperately to stay ahead of 
the closing-in waves behind me.
a sublime aura 
settles over my frenzy, but 
I have learned first hand 
that everything is fragile
and I can never return 
to my former 

* * * * *

Wordle 67
The words to play with were:
wayward falling frenzy attack sublime 
strange settle rough channel ball robust life
* * * * *


margo said...

A true theme: we can never return. I like your image of us as a spinning ball, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

there is an urgency in your poem
and also a wisdom. enjoyed your

Anonymous said...

Your poem reminded me that I should rise from this chair and walk around a bit before my joints start aching. You're right; we can never go back to the way we were once, but we *can* keep moving forward.

Jules said...

Letting go of the past was a hard lesson for me. Moving forward into joy and creating new robust memories is an admirable goal that can often be clouded by prevailing sadness. Offering you light and cyber hugs.

I'm here:

flipside records said...

Ooh, I like this very much. I enjoyed the idea of life attacking from behind countered by the sneaking up of a sublime aura. Nice.

Marie Wreath said...

What a sad, beautiful use of these given words. Still thinking of you, wising you comfort and peace and love. Robustness may still return, as will a different sort of normalcy, though nothing will replace him. XOXO