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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Artist

Wordle 74
The words to play with were:
artist lilting exterior silhouette saunter peering 
tresses sensuous rich silent color lyric alliteration
One of the words were to be picked as part of the title.
* * * * *
The Artist
Her lilting tone had a sensuous, rich alliteration when she performed her lyrics, and somehow that conflicted deeply with her exterior. She finished, and peered through her long tresses before sauntering silently out of sight, and eventually all that remained was a black silhouette against the colorful sunset. 
* * * * *

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Jules said...

On melancholic days I feel just like that. And then there are the days that you save a bird from the middle of the road after they fly into the front of your car...and don't worry about silhouetted shadows.

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