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Monday, October 01, 2012


Scurried breathing, 
in and out, 
in a dazed frame of mind.

Slow breathing, 
letting breath by breath 
drive away fears, 
empty out ambivalence, 
and bring in tenderness. 

Breathing holy prayers, 
like a bird's soft wings 
flapping gently 
against an anxious heart.

Breathing deeply, 
incensed air 
filling expanding lungs, 
bringing sensations 
of mysterious presence.
Me, present in me? 

like my very first breath,
drawn in water
so long ago that 
memories don't go there.

with the knowledge that 
one day 
I will draw my
last breath.

Wordle 76 - playing with words.
The words to play with were:
dazed incense ambivalence empties holy scurries  
breathing fear flaps prayers water tenderness


Elizabeth said...

Remembering to breathe is so difficult at times. You describe well that shakey beginning and the slowing down that allows normalcy to find its path back to present. Wonderful write,


Anonymous said...

I love that these are all presented as stone. Beautiful.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wow! Well penned poetry and very enlightened messages here ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Jules said...

Breathing, so complex and yet so simple. Being a present and at present with our selves - well wordled.

Thanks for your visit and kind words.

brenda w said...

This is lovely Inger. It's filled with reflection and beauty. I am happy you posted with us again. I've missed your words. Bless you.

gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful work...!!


teri said...

A gorgeous collection of words. You share such gentle heart in this piece.Sending lots of love- teri

forgetmenot said...

Inger, That is a lovely composition--nicely done. I hope all is well and your husband is doing as well as possible. I know you have been traveling and enjoying that immensely (via FB). I keep you in my thoughts knowing what tragedy you have been through and how it will affect you forever. I know too you are a strong person and will continue on enjoying life even with a huge hole in your heart. Hugs. Mickie :)