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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I yearn for a still, safe place

I yearn for a still, safe place....

Here, I erode in the flames 
under the immeasurable inky sky. 
I desperately try to walk away, 
but clay sticks to my feet, 
and a sheet of dense fog covers me. 
Pebbles weigh down the edges -
I bend down, 
to release myself,
I search for them, 
but they are always out of reach.

Upon waking, it all evaporates, 
and I can’t remember…..


Wordle 132
The words to play with were:

flames, yearn, immeasurable, safe, inky, bend
waking, still, erode, clay, sheet, pebble

The Sunday Whirl

1 comment:

oldegg said...

That is a typical dream where despite all effort you cannot break free from your impediments. Perhaps it encouraged you to have greater determination when you wake to accomplish your dreams. Let's hope so.