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Monday, December 01, 2014

The shift

The shift began subtly, 
quite some time ago, 
and my once anchored heart 
had already broken it's moorings 
and started to drift 
with a different current

My life's learning process 
turned around and became 
a feat of unlearning. 

Old truths became inherited lies. 

Once I saw that, 
in a moment of clarity, 
I could yield to new truths, 
received by the fertile layers 
of my now free range heart

Beams of light surrounded me, 
and as phrases of gratitude poured out 
I finally felt connected and close 
to my Universal Creator. 

* * * * *
Wordle 110 - playing with these words:
beamanchorshiftcloseheart, phrase,

* * * * *

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