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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gloomy days

These gloomy December days,
some so dark they don’t even qualify as days.
The ones that stay so dark that
morning transitions directly into evening.

These gloomy December days
that add more gloom to hearts
that are already in the dark.
Hearts that have been broken,
for so many reasons torn apart,
hearts that were on the mend,
but are repeatedly broken.

We are challenged to look
behind and beyond the gloom,
to look for the inherent flame in our hearts.

On each of these gloomy December days
let us negotiate this challenge
and win.
Let us see the spark and kindle it,
so the flame can shine through the gloom.

the flame can begin to replace the gloom
shadow by shadow,
until daylight returns.

© Inger-Marie Sæverud  10.12.14


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