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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The key was never there in the first place

Wordle 81
* * * *
The key was never there in the first place. The key that was supposed to unlock the secret depths of the swelling ocean. So there she was, left alone on the shore, facing tumultuous waves, and nothing would enable her to flee the wrath of her own inner ocean. She already knew that the scramble would continue until it just touched the edge of her consciousness, and it would draw her into it's rotten, putrid water. No charms she had ever known could save her now, because the key that she had been relying on had never been there in the first place.
* * * *

The words to play with were:
wrath tumultuous scramble flees shore key
swelling upbeat depths enable rotten charm 


Elizabeth said...

We are always looking for a key to something or another and it always lies within us. Really good use of the words,


Jules said...

Keys. The word lists have been the keys to my story verse. Start at the beginning anytime at the page on my blog headed with "As the Whirl Turns..."

Thanks for your visit. I hope the individual verse make sense without the whole.