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Thursday, February 07, 2013


This is where, and how, I spent my afternoon. Me-time. A sprinkling of snow. Sunshine. Water. Sparkling reflections. So restful on the old eyes. And soul. Air completely at rest. In my ears: only the rumble of slow, rolling ocean waves. 
A full brie, and coffee. Did I mention sunshine? And my beloved Nikon. Standing on it's own three feet today.

~ Bliss ~

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Me, then and now.

Vanessa Sage from Sage Life Consulting put out a challenge. She gave us an age to go back to, and asked us to compare our lives then and now. Here's mine: 

I was: 23, in 1976
I lived in: Stavanger, Norway
I was married to: I was not married. I had just met my future husband, although that was not clear to me yet.
I drove: I did not have a driver's license yet, didn't get it until I was 33, so I used public transport, a bike and my feet. To get to classes, I would go with a friend on her tandem bike.
I feared: God. Apparently he was watching every move I made, and constantly debating whether I deserved heaven or hell.
I worked at: I was in college, studying to be a kindergarden teacher.
I wanted to be: probably a kindergarden teacher.

* * * * *

Today I am: 59
I live in: Bømlo, which is an island on the west coast of Norway, half way between Stavanger and Bergen.
I am married to: my best friend, for nearly 32 years. We have a son and a daughter. Our son died last July.
I drive: a grey Peugeot, and a big silver Hymer camper van.
I fear: less and less. I have realized that a god who needs to be feared is not my kind of god. 
I work at: at 43 I retrained to be a silversmith, and I have a home studio. I love making jewelry, but for various reasons that part of my life is on hold at the moment. These days I photograph, draw and write.
I want to be: a professional artist. I want to sell more of my jewelry, and also my photos and drawings, and I want to publish a book. 
Spiritually, I want to be more grateful, mindful and aware of life.