My word for 2018:
My Choice

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Listen to the voice

Listen to the voice 
uttering the impossible words. 

Listen to the voice 
saying those scary words you hoped 
you would never have to hear. 

Listen to the voice 
that climbs up into your head 
and seeps out into every body cell,
and you know it speaks the Truth. 

as the pressure of the words hits raw nerve.
How can you protect yourself? 
Where is the smoke screen you can hide behind?

That thing you have feared, has happened. 
That thing that might happen, but never should. 

The order of life has been shaken.
But living and loving is risking just that. 

* * * * *
Wordle 116
The words to play with were:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

I was standing there

I was standing there
satisfied with life
the sun was in my back
I was warm and
and the way ahead was lit up
Then a grey cloud settled over me
and effectively slashed my joy

while rain drenches me from head to toe
my mind is jaded from 
trying to fathom life
and the cold burns my eyes
as I look for something that will
spark a recognition of what life can be

* * * * *
Wordle 185
The words to play with were:
standing, satisfied, burn, jaded, spark, rain
way, sun, cold, grey, joy, slash