My word for 2018:
My Choice

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Liberated Lines 5 Roar

I live my life
I am fine but
one day I
start sobbing
and I
sink down
And lying on my stomach
on my kitchen floor
I am kicking and screaming
until I have no more
no more
no more
no more
conscious thoughts left in my head
hoping that you can somehow
hear me
see me

I am in so much agony
because you are not here
any more

Friday, January 29, 2016

Liberated Lines 4 Incantation Let me sing my life

Let me sing my life
before I forget
what my voice sounds like
let me shine 
and be released
as I resolve my issues
may I depend on myself
and be my own shelter
open to myself
always dedicated to my new belief
that I design my life
let me review my life 
but never turn back
I did not crave this revolution
but I have won it

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Liberated Lines 2 Naming Your Bones

My bones hold my most sacred truths
that I am strong and resilient
vulnerable and guarded
hard as nails and light as a feather

I am a twig on a tree
with roots and branches
that go beyond my imagination

I am a human being
I am stardust
I am love.

Liberated Lines 1 My true names

I am a mother
grieving for her son
I am a wife
grieving for her husband
I am raw and
I ache for comfort

I am a survivor
I am strength
I am overcoming
I am picking myself up and moving forward

I am my own best friend and worst enemy,
and I am invisible.