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Sunday, June 14, 2015

If I dabble in thrills.

This is a wordle I wrote about six months ago. I am quite pleased with it as I have used the words in the order they were given, and then in the reversed order. There's no deep meaning, it's just an attempt to simply use the words. I would love to hear any opinions :-)

If I dabble in thrills will 
someone whack me over the head because 
I run through hallowed spaces 
blasting my way 
through stained glass windows 
my hunt for whatever will unfold 
brings a shallow conviction that 
I am the center of all this that 
my skills can reveal what 
I am searching for 

But this revelation that 
my skills were given to me so 
I could center myself sets 
all shallowness aside 
my life unfolds and 
my hunt slows down 
the stains that came from the blast 
are hallowed and 
whack by whack they are multiplied 
until the thrill is gone and 
I'm back to dabbling.......
Wordle 171 - playing with these words:
dabble, thrill, whack, hallowed, blasts, stained,
hunt, unfolds, shallow, center, skill, reveal.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I watched you die

Norsk tekst under bildet
I watched you die
Your body was
jaded and slashed by disease but
your life spark still burned

In that grey hospital room
cold rain poured down over 
the two of us standing there by 
your bed 
knowing that your last breath 
was imminent
That grey hospital room
that had been buzzing with action all night, now
there was only the hiss of life support

24 hours earlier you
loved me and
your life journey 
was victorious and magnificent
You were still magnificent
but your battered body was overriding 
your beautiful consciousness 
Time was running out
You and time 
were slipping through our fingers
there was nothing we could do to 
hold you back

Your time had come 
and you left us
your wife and your daughter
The two of us who
still have lives to live
but they are lives already scarred by
a son and a brother who went ahead of you
You saw him and
you knew he was waiting for you and
you went to be with him
Now you two have your own time

The agonizing pain of missing you both 
keeps driving holes through my heart

Jeg så at du var i ferd med å dø
Kroppen din var herjet av sykdom
men livsgløden var der ennå
I det grå sykehusrommet
strømmet kaldt regn ned over 
oss to som sto der ved
sengen din
og visste at snart ville du trekke ditt
siste åndedrag
I det grå sykehusrommet
som hadde vært fullt av aktivitet hele natten
hørtes nå bare lyden av respiratoren

24 timer tidligere
elsket du meg og
din livsreise var en seier og vidunderlig
Du var fremdeles vidunderlig
men din herjede kropp seiret
over ditt vakre sinn
Tiden var i ferd med å renne ut
Du og tiden
rant mellom fingrene våre
det var ingenting vi kunne gjøre
for å holde deg tilbake

Din tid var kommet
og du forlot oss
din hustru og din datter
Oss to
som fremdeles hadde liv å leve men
våre liv er arret av 
en sønn og en bror som dro før deg
Du så ham og
visste at han ventet på deg og
du dro for å være sammen med ham
Nå har du og han deres egen tid

Det smertelige savnet av dere begge
fortsetter å brenne huller i hjertet mitt

© Inger-Marie Sæverud