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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cumbersome living

Cumbersome questions are 
pelted at my soul, 
and entranced, 
I search for answers, 
knowing I will not accept them without 
What was previously cemented truth is 
no longer mapped out before me, 
and the smoky screen before my 
eyes becomes denser as 
murmurs of what might have been 
float by.
Have I strayed too far, or not far enough? 

The words to play with were:
cement, cumbersome, entranced, stray, map, smoke, pelt, answer, reluctant, murmur, sences, dense.

I have tried to have a go with Wordle, only after I wrote this, I realized that I had used last week's words :-) But this selection somehow resounded with me, so I'm posting anyway. 


Leovi said...

A very good picture, exquisite gray. By your words I gather you're a bit tired of the city. Greetings.

Karen said...

Well, even though they are last week's words, you did an awesome job! A great write!

Anonymous said...

Yes, cement can crumble and crack over time, can't it?

Great thoughts!


Barb said...

You ask some deep questions with the Wordle words. Your photo gives the sense of some truth just within mindful focus.