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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wrinkles and Hearts

Wrinkles in ancient rock. 
Weather worn, eaten up and shaped by the elements,
excruciatingly slowly, over millenniums.

As I sit in the windy silence, viewing this bare rocky landscape,
I notice that the wrinkles have formed a heart,
like a love note from the universe.

* * *


Karen said...

Lovely! Such a beautiful line..."like a love note from the universe"!

Clytie said...

Wrinkles of time and beauty - My Grammie looked a lot like this stone, only it took 94 years instead of millenniums. She was beautiful, as is your universal love note of wrinkles and hearts. You brought tears to my eyes today, Inger. Good ones.

teri said...

"Windy silence"... I think that describes my stone writing and heart postings. Just beautiful Inger-Marie. xo teri

Helen Campbell said...

I love a windy silence. Your photos brought to mind a trip my husband and I took several years ago. Good memories. :)