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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Sunday Whirl

Wordle 47The words to play with were:
charged trouble accident mars libation toll
sacrificed confused plenty handle ask settle
* * *
He was sure it had been an accident, and that it had not been his fault, and yet, he was charged with committing a gruesome crime. He had never thought he would get into this kind of trouble. In his confused state of mind, his actions had been those of libation, but the ugliness of it had now marred his future. Or was he being sacrificed by someone with an ulterior agenda? He kept asking himself how long he would be able to handle the pressure. How long would it take before he would have to settle for the deal before him? The other side seemed to have plenty of time, just waiting for him to break down, and the slow passage of time was really taking it’s toll on him now...

* * *
Libation was a new word for me, so I had to look it up, and since english is not my first language, I'm not sure if I have used it correctly :-)


brenda w said...

Your use of libation works quiet well, Inger-Marie. I kept imagining what he might of done, and that he was under the influence. The unknowing haunting him.... I'm glad you are writing at the Whirl. :)

Mary said...

Nicely wordled, Inger-Marie!

teri said...

Well done. We all know people who find themselves trapped in a situation due to bad choices and bad luck. You have captured this well. And your use of libation seems appropriate to me. (As you may have read, its initial meaning was "a ritual pouring of a liquid as an offering to a god or spirit." In its informal use it refers alcoholic beverages as libations.)

Jules said...

I often have to look up words and English is my first language. Very nicely done.